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box-decoration-break property

Intro, motto, greeting or tagline. A brief paragraph is the first thing you can see on most of the websites when you enter them. Most of them are multi-lined but also boring and plain. While breaking the text into multiple pieces you can create interesting effects that can convince the recipient to stay longer on the page. By adding just one parameter to the CSS you can make it way more interesting. Let’s see how we can achieve it.

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How to create a classy slider with pure CSS

It doesn’t matter if you are creating a website or an app – you don’t want to use the default style of a slider. It won’t match any modern sexy design. For instance, you can use external libraries like Bootstrap or Foundation but most of the time, you don’t want to install an additional package just for one component. What you actually want to use is an HTML input range element. In this tutorial, I will be focusing on styling the slider without using JavaScript. It will be as simple as possible so you can achieve a really nice effect in a short amount of time.

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