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December CodePen challenges

According to CodePen December was the month of a CSS. With tied hands, we were experimenting with different types of limitations all gathering around this powerful language. That’s why this month’s challenges theme was “Binding Your CSS Hands”. Sometimes we were not allowed to use JavaScript and other times we could use only pseudo selectors. And as we already know – sometimes limitation can free creativity. Let’s see what happened.

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November CodePen challenges

In November CodePen decided to pull out the more geeky side of us. They chose something really iconic as a theme of the challenges that month – board games. We have contact with them practically from an early age and they have been played in most cultures and societies throughout history. I’m sure each of us can name at least one board game, like Cluedo, Monopoly or even Tic-tac-toe. The main goal of the challenges was not to re-create the games but to use them as a theme for the design. Does it sound easy? It sounded for me in the beginning. While getting through, it started to be more and more challenging. Let me show you what I achieved. Shall we?

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October CodePen challenges

October – the first month which always reminds me of autumn and it represents a lot of contrasts in nature. Rain and sun, cold and warm weather, green grass and yellow leaves – all of those are opposites. And this was the main theme of this month’s challenges from CodePen. Despite it was a really busy month for me, I still managed to finish all of the tasks and that makes me really proud. What’s more – I finally gave a try to the pattern library I wanted to try for some time. Let’s see how it went!

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