About Me

me and my first time when I met Shiba dog

Hello friends! I’m Natalia. And here you can see my happy face when I met real Shiba for the first time. I really love those cute potatoes and I’m going to have one in the future!

I am a Software Engineer. My main field of expertise is Front end in ReactJs framework. I like to solve problems analytically. Beside of that, I am CSS maniac. People will tell you that styling is difficult or impossible. But here I am shouting it may be tricky but doable for anyone!

Currently, I live in Glasgow (Scotland) but I’m from Poland. I moved here in the middle of 2018.

about me scotland banner
Isle of Arran scenery by Szymon Łabiński

Fun dev facts about me:

  • I am more console.log developer than debugger one 🙃
  • I believe….no! I know that anyone can learn CSS!
  • I prefer to write CSS from scratch in projects than using libraries

Be creative and speak your mind! 🤓

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